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Covid Information

The government removed many restrictions on July 19th. The wearing of masks is no longer mandatory. However, our staff have expressed an interest in remaining to use the masks. We ask that you respect their choice and should you wish to wear a mask, we will respect your choice.

Please take care when entering and exiting the building to ensure you are adhering to social distancing and use hand sanitiser stations. Or wash your hands. 

Sanitiser points are available throughout the building please use them. 

We ask for one person at a time to use the toilets, if they are not vacant please wait beside the wall. If there’s a line of more than 2 people please return to your table. Until the line has gone.  

We kindly ask that children stay with you at all times to keep within the social distancing guidelines. Same applies to dogs, who must be on leads at all times. 

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